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Introducing retweed by Harry Bakewell

26 Mar

It’s common knowledge that there is a difference between fashion and style. Fashion is something that people are interested in right now but may not be interested in when we skip forward in time. It might be 10 years before a fashion dies out, it might only be a matter of weeks or months but nevertheless fashion is to put it bluntly, a fad. Style, on the other hand, is something that will always be popular. A good example of this is the Mini Cooper and another good example is a well-tailored Harris tweed jacket. People will want something stylish for the rest of time.

I’m Harry Bakewell, head of graphics, photography and social media at retweed. I’m part of a three man team who have recently started a website selling vintage tweed jackets at affordable prices. We are all students and one Saturday afternoon, while socialising, we got onto the topic of vintage clothing. We all liked the tweed jackets, brogues and other vintage clothing because it could be worn by people of all ages and would always be stylish. The problem for us was that it was so expensive to buy. Any high street retailer sells replicas for £60-£80 and many of the vintage shops or those selling the originals were charging £40-£60 for a Harris tweed jacket which for a student isn’t affordable.  We didn’t think any more of the subject and forgot about it. Well, the rest of us had forgotten about it, Nathan Marshall & Carl Willimott hadn’t though. They had both thought about it significantly after our conversation and decided that they could source some vintage clothing and then sell it to me and our friends, who couldn’t afford the shops prices. This went well and the whole of our friend group ended up wearing tweed jackets to almost every occasion. After the success of this venture they did some research into how popular this clothing was on a countrywide scale and the results were unanimous. People liked vintage.

I was then added to the team to take photos and do any design work, I then offered to do the social media side of the business. Between us, we had a good skill set to go out and make a business to help get vintage clothing out to the people who loved it but just couldn’t afford it. retweed was born.





Our mission is to find out what vintage clothing people want, source this clothing and then sell it to them for a price that is affordable. So if you are reading this and there is something missing from your wardrobe then let us know and we will try to help.

Check out our website www.retweed.co.uk and let us know what you think. We are due to be adding more Harris tweed, Levi jeans, Levi’s womens shorts, Barbour jackets and more as soon as possible so follow us @retweed_cnk to get the latest updates. Thanks for reading.

How to Wear the Vintage Tweed Trend by Bonnie Carney

14 Nov

Tweed has been since in the fashion world since the 1920s, mainly in the form of wealthy gentlemen’s suits. Since then, it has evolved into a trend that is still one of the hottest looks today! If you want to get involved with the vintage tweed trend then here are some tips on how to pull the look off.

Tweed Blazers 

Tweed blazers are one of the hottest ways to stay warm this winter!This quintessential British look works for both men and women, so whoever you are it should be easy to pull off. Men should go for a more fitted blazer look, which can then be paired with coloured trousers (mustard looks good with tweed) or even a pair of jeans. Women can wear a tweed blazer however they want, whether they opt for a fitted size or a boyfriend style bigger size. If you are going for a larger, baggier size then it is recommended that you roll the sleeves up to just above your wrist. This will ensure that the larger arms don’t overwhelm you or look silly! Team your blazer up with a pair of tight jeans and some brown riding style boots. Very British!


Tweed Coats

Coats are another item of clothing which really shows of vintage tweed to its best. Women prefer tweed coats to blazers in most cases, as they are warmer and easier to match with any type of outfit. Due to vintage tweed having been seen in the 20s, 50s, 60s and 70s there are many different styles of coat or jacket that will feature this posh pattern. A double breasted 60s overcoat will look great on those who are pear or apple shaped. For those who want a bit of definition, such as rectangular or triangle shapes, then a shorter military jacket in tweed will do just that!


Other ways to wear Vintage Tweed

If you are not keen on wrapping up in vintage tweed then there are other ways to bring it into your life too. You will find that many high street stores will do a version of tweed-style work clothes. This could be a tweed patterned trouser suit, or even a tweed dress. This is a great office look and will turn your co-workers green with envy. For those who believe less is more, how about some tweed accessories? A handbag can look great in tweed and will ensure you work the look without being covered head to toe. The best vintage tweed will come in thick wool, although you can find cotton patterned fabric too.

Vintage tweed is an incredible look that everyone should get involved with this year! Remember, less is more in most cases. This means do not buy a tweed trouser suit to go with your tweed handbag and tweed coat, it will look all wrong! However you decide to wear the vintage tweed trend, be safe in the knowledge that everyone is envious of your quintessentially British look.

Bonnie Carney is a fashion writer and vintage fashionista, she currently writes for www.myvinatge.co.uk and when not working can often be found trawling through vintage shops looking for another beautiful item to add to her collection.




Vintage Whistles – 300 examples of tweed

27 Feb

Go Vintage!

Vintage from Goodwood Revival 2010

10 Oct

I love vintage clothing! Vintage is a great way to achieve classic style with your own modern twist.  It can also be a great way to buy quality tweed at great prices.  Watch this video of portraits from Goodwood revival 2010 and bask in the style.  If you are a vintage doubter I hope it changes your mind!

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