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Burberry Fall Winter 2010/11

8 Aug

Burberry were established in 1856 in Basingstoke England.  They have a history of traditional British style and tailoring.  They have managed to finally throw off the smell of the matching Burberry check fiasco and with the help of a high-profile campaign featuring actress Emma Watson they are making a name for themselves as British style and quality. The Spring summer campaign was gorgeous and a great success.

The Autumn Winter catwalk 2010 as a collection is a mix of sheepskin and copious amounts of lush leather handbags and boots.  It successfully matches delicate fabrics with textured wool and faux furs.  I feel it tries too hard to have an attitude and does rely very heavily on sheepskin.  It does have some highlights such as the navy tailoring and faux fur, both huge looks for Winter 2010.

The collection would benefit from some luxury burberry tweeds.  These can be found on their online shop.  They have a divine tweed dress for £450.  Still quite pricey so keep an eye out for Vintage Burberry and eBay bargains.

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