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My love for Pink Flame, Made in England Clothing…

4 Oct

Now even I have to admit that  I do not cover myself with tweed everyday!  My love for tweed is huge and I do usually have a tweed bag or accessory but only the most eccentric can carry off the head to toe tweed look on a daily basis.  Whilst  I was setting up the TweedVixenBoutique I searched high and low for gorgeous British Fashion that was actually made in Britain. This is a very difficult task as so many labels that call themselves British are in fact made abroad but designed in the UK.  I support buying British to make sure that your garments are not only well made and beautiful but are also ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and to encourage local manufacturing.   I was delighted when I met Chrissy Adamou the director and owner of Pink Flame and even more pleased when she agreed for her collections to be sold in the Boutique. She set up Pink Flame in 2010 and has created beautiful wearable collections for all body types. Her clothes are a great mix of sexy, tight in the right places and soft draping.  AW2012 includes fantastic PVC leggings which look so good teamed up with a tweed coat and the ultimate little black dress which demands to be worn with a fitted tweed jacket.

“Made in the UK, my clothes make women feel beautiful, feminine, carefree, untouchable…I want my clothes to empower women in whatever lifestyle they choose to have; whatever their shape or age.” Chrissy Adamou

Pink Flame can be found in the TweedVixen Boutique


Ridley & Dowse Jewelley…

26 Sep

I have a huge love for nature inspired jewellery. Few do it better than Ridley & Dowse aka Vivienne Ridley and Susannah Dowse.  The creative duo combines forces to make beautiful pieces that are also ethical.

“We are designers committed to producing beautiful things at as little cost to human rights and the environment as possible. We believe that the beauty in an object comes in part from how it is made and by whom.

With this in mind we will never send our designs to a faceless factory in a far flung place where we can’t be sure someone isn’t being exploited for our benefit. We will use local businesses with people we know are fairly paid for their work. We won’t be racking up thousands of air miles to get our products to you.

We also try and make our products in the most efficient way we can find to minimise waste, and will source the most responsible materials we can.

If we have a product idea and can’t find a way of realising it in a responsible way, we just won’t make it.” Ridley & Dowse.

They were an obvious choice when I chose to open the TweedVixen Boutique and I was delighted when they agreed to be a part of the tweedvixen project.







For a limited time only all Ridley & Dowse Jewellery in the Boutique is on offer.  Please visit  www.tweedvixen.co.uk and grab yourself a beautiful ethical bargain!

British Country Style with an Urban Twist, TweedVixen Boutique is Open!

7 Aug http://www.tweedvixen.co.uk/knitwear-15-c.asp

The TweedVixen Boutique is now open.  The Boutique celebrates Great British fashion and features British and Ethical Brands.  A haven for tweedie goodies and nature inspired jewellery. Here are a few of the gorgeous products available..

This chic flat cap adds a touch of tweed to any outfit. It is made in England and is a very reasonable £22.50.  I love it teamed up with the soft oyster colour of this Samantha Holmes Alpaca Tunic £12o.

A lovely tweed belted Trench Coat that suits all sizes, available 6 – 18.  It is priced £260 and has free postage within the UK.

Harris Tweed notebook with reusable  cover £28.50 made in Scotland by Bertie Girl.  Each cover is a one-off worth treasuring.

Let your wild side free with these sexy PVC leggings, beautifully made in England from Pink Flame £3o. They are teamed up with a black t-shirt from ethical label Nancy Dee, £29, Samantha Holmes waterfall alpaca Cardigan £115 and topped off with a jet black faux fur collar £37.50.

A Stunning silver Birch leaf pendant and chain.  Made with a real leaf priced £35

Stay warm and stylish in this 100% Scottish Lambswool Sweater, £60.  Harris Tweed messenger bag made in Scotland by Bertie girl, priced £155.

This quilt wax waistcoat is a wardrobe essential that will keep you warm and dry,  black for a modern twist on a classic, priced £49.50.  It looks fab teamed up with this striking red spice 100% Scottish Lambswool sweater £60.

Please pop by to www.tweedvixen.co.uk to see all the products in the boutique.

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