29 Mar

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Harris Tweed cloth must be the most fabled and mythical of cloths in use today. With a history going back over 200 years, the story reads more like a fairytale than a straight history lesson. A fairy tale with highs and lows, a fairy godmother, an evil persona, a prince to save the day and happily ever after. Let’s not get ahead of ourself though, let’s start way back at the beginning.

Harris Tweed stems from the islands known as the Outer Hebrides outside Scotland. These islands missed out on  the Industrial Revolution when it arrived to revolutionize production of cloth on mainland Scotland, instead retaining their traditional processes. Which for a large part are where they are still doing today.

harris tweed authority

Originally the handmade fabric was made for local use, by the crofters for the locals. The woven wool was ideal for protection against the elements of the North of…

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