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26 Feb

Great Video!


A friend of mine is intensely interested in Harris Tweed. He has visited the islands where it is made, talked with the mill owners and sees an opportunity to invest in a Harris Tweed rebirth.

His interest has peeked my own and has caused a heavy influence of Tweed in many of my illustrations.


A big question though, is Harris Tweed viable in the 21st Century?

All of the tweed is made on a specific set of islands in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. All of the tweed is home spun and can be made no other way. Parliament even enacted legislation to protect Harris Tweed from being produced anywhere else with any other standards than how it is produced in the Outer Hebrides. A special Orb is attached to all approved Harris Tweed to guarantee authenticity. The islands’ economies are almost exclusively based on the production and sale…

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Proudly British – Black Wax Jacket £80

12 Feb

A wax jacket is the perfect way to stay stylish and dry.  This jacket is perfect to add a touch of individuality to this very British style.  Black wax with a black corduroy collar and warm cotton lining.  It is designed and made in England. available at

TweedVixen Wax Jacket TweedVixen Wax Jacket TweedVixen Wax Jacket TweedVixen Wax Jacket TweedVixen Wax Jacket

Essential Wardrobe Item – Tweed Mini Skirt

7 Feb

A tweed skirt is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. Forget the images of old-fashioned tweed, this year it is all about fresh styling and a modern twist.

tweed mini tweed mini tweed mini tweed mini tweed mini tweed mini

Tweed skirts shown are available from


Woven With Northern Soul – Abraham Moon and Sons

5 Feb

A tale of tweed by Abraham Moon and Sons, with a tour of their unique vertical Mill in Guiseley, West Yorkshire.




4 Feb

Great Tweed Run Pictures!

The Tweed Run is a group bicycle event, where cyclists are encouraged to dress in traditional British cycling attire – particularly tweed plus four suits – and ride vintage bicycles. The concept was initiated in London in 2009 and has since spread to other cosmopolitan metropolises, including Tokyo and New York.

Last year Moscow hosted their first Tweed Run, photographer Cyril Kolobyanin captured these images of the event:

“The aura of the 1930s and 1940s was recreated with a twist of elegance. The Sokolniki Park became a Mecca of style and sport, with crowds of cyclists dressed to the nines.”













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