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6 Nov

Love this article!


You may remember Diane Falck – AKA The Spinning Shepherd – from WOVEMBER 2011, as she shared the whole story of making a garment from raw wool, off her Ouessant sheep. Diane spins outstanding yarn directly from her small flock which she then hand-knits into exquisite garments. Like others whose words we’ve read here, Diane has a hand in the whole process from raw sheep to finished article. However because of its very small scale, there is a closeness between place, animals, textiles and making in Diane’s work which is the very embodiment of “Closing the gap”; there literally are no gaps between the source of Diane’s wool and the finished textiles she produces. The fleeces she takes are washed in the same rain that falls on the sheep when they graze in the fields; she watches the sheep with the eyes of a spinner; and the things…

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