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TweedVixen Style – Winter 2012

29 Nov

A short video showcasing the current ladies clothing collection available at TweedVixen Boutique 


Red Harris Tweed Shoulder Bag

27 Nov


This stunning bag is hand-made in Scotland.  Bright Red Harris Tweed with a brown leather strap and brass buckle.


Now in stock at TweedVixen Boutique £105




TweedVixen Style – Comfy and Cosy.

26 Nov

Photograph from Claire Louise Photography

Get the Look

Crystal Dress £55 TweedVixen Boutique

Alpaca Socks £23 TweedVixen Boutique

Faux Fur Muff £30 TweedVixen Boutique


24 Nov

This is a fab article that is well worth a read!


At the start of this phase of WOVEMBER (Working with Wool) we mentioned Knockando Woolmill as a fantastic example of what can be achieved when one works both with wool and about wool. Working with Wool can of course be a purely practical decision based on its special material properties, but as we learnt from Kate Davies in her recent Q&A with WOVEMBER, WOOL is also intrinsically bound up with the social, political and cultural histories of the UK. If you work with wool anywhere in Britain it is possible to deliberately highlight the connection between what you’re doing and that long, rich heritage. Knockando Woolmill is a fine example of a place that is both producing woollen cloth, and maintaining its connections with the past.

Then… Duncan Stewart at work in the weaving shed (courtesy of Graham Stewart)

Then… Hugh Jones weaving on the Dobcross loom

Now… story and…

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Sexy Sian Welby Wearing Pink Flame Leggings

23 Nov

Sian Welby Channel 5 Weather Beauty wearing Pink Flame Leggings available at TweedVixen. Beautifully made in England, only£25!

TweedVixen Style – Tweed and Alpaca

22 Nov


Get the Look

Alpaca Hat £110  TweedVixen Boutique

Samantha Holmes Alpaca Tunic £105 TweedVixen Boutique

Liberty Freedom Tweed Mini Skirt £145 TweedVixen Boutique


Perfect Christmas Gifts for the TweedVixen in Your Life!

21 Nov

Hand Made Feather Brooches

21 Nov

I absolutely love feathers! My pinterest features them in abundance and they feature heavily in the jewellery section of my boutique.  I was delighted when these arrived at TweedVixen HQ yesterday!

Each piece is lovingly hand-made in Britain using the pretty feathers of Guinea foul. Now available at


TweedVixen Winter Warmers

20 Nov

Shoes in the Spotlight – Tweed Wellies, by Claire Hunter

20 Nov

When it comes to winter, we all love a good boot or two. Whether it’s a pair of stylish ankle boots, some comfortable riding boots or shoe boots for all those Christmas parties you have planned, we all need a collection of on trend boots to get us through the winter months. Another essential boot style you need to have at this time of the year is wellies. Wellingtons are necessary when the rain and snow is pouring outside. You need a good quality pair for the horrible weather that usually comes our way during winter.

But as well all know, wellies are not the most flattering of shoes to wear, or so you once thought. The Wellington boot has had a bit of a style overhaul and now you will find collections upon collections of on trend wellies that you would actually want to be seen in. With the welly being the footwear of choice for festival goers and a must have for the winter months, it was only a matter of time before designers got their hands on them and added some much needed style to these once boring boots.

One designer label that specialises in wellies has done this exceptionally well. Hunter, a name well known for their boots has created many stylish wellies over the past few seasons and continues to do so with some very fashionable pairs you should certainly consider purchasing.

One pair that particularly stands out is these beautiful tweed wellies from the designer brand.

These Hunter Grey Regent Apsley Womens Wellington Boots are classic, stylish and would not look out of place on one of the Made In Chelsea cast members. These high end Wellingtons are ideal for those who like to look elegant yet need a pair of tough wellies to get them through the winter.

What really makes these boots great is the tweed detail on the leg paired with the patent rubber and the gold Hunter badge on the front. The buckles also add a nice touch to these wellies. Ideal if you want to stay warm and dry this winter without compromising on style.

I enjoy writing on a wide range of subjects including fashion, style, home wares, interiors, toys, gadgets, kids clothing and more. I hope you enjoy reading my latest blog post about these fantastic tweed womens boots and how they are perfect for winter.  Claire Hunter


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