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Beauty of Trees

8 Jul sunlight

These stunning pictures were taken by my talented sister-in-law @mindyltaylor. I love the way she captures the pure natural beauty of the trees and felt the need to share! Enjoy…



Sunlight and a dead tree

Sunlight and a dead tree

2012 Ipswich Tweed Run

8 Jul

Some lovely historic bikes and loads of tweed…fab!

Alexander McQueen and Skye – Eternal Connection

8 Jul

Like many fashion lovers, I felt a genuine loss by the death of icon Alexander Mcqueen.  His creations leave me in awe and feature heavily in my pinterest.  He helped guide my love of tweed, textiles and tartan and will always inspire me.

Six months after his death I visited the Isle of Skye with my husband and parents.  A holiday that cemented my love of Scotland and was filled with tweedy delights! We all fell in love with the island, look at the snaps to see why…

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As I enjoyed afternoon tea last week with a close family friend (thanks Jean), I learned of Alexander Mcqueens life long love of Skye and how he chose to have his ashes buried in Kilmur, known for its Kilt Rock and old man of store.  A place he used to visit with his family and always felt connected to.  She brought my attention to a great article published in the Scotsman. I highly recommend a read!

How Alexander McQueen’s Skye ancestry shaped his fashion legacy – News –

On 5th July a memorial headstone engraved by artist Andrew Tanser was unveiled.  A beautiful stone that respectfully marks the British Icon.

Thankfully the future of the brand is in good hands with the fabulous Sarah Burton. Who designed the unbelievably feminine wedding dress for the Duchess of Cambridge.

I have included a retrospective video by net a porter and a video tribute just because I love them.

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