2012 Tweed Rides…Around the World.

7 May

Tweed Run 147

Tweed Run 147 (Photo credit: T Stokes)


It is no secret that I love the fashion inspired by the fabulous tweed runs.  I have collected a selection of video clips from around the world so far.  I will add new videos as the rides continue in 2012.

Little Rock,Arkansas 29th January

Melbourne 19th February…

Boone 14th April…

Madrid 5th May…

London 6th May…

More london…

I would love to create a collaborative collection of articles, pictures and video footage of this years tweed run fashion.  I would love to hear from you if you wish to contribute.

3 Responses to “2012 Tweed Rides…Around the World.”

  1. Lauren Fach May 25, 2012 at 2:56 am #

    Thanks for mentioning Two-Wheelin’ Tempe! The Tweed Ride was awesome!

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