British Princess Style, Don’t Clone…Make it Yours!

27 Aug

Princess Diana

Image via Wikipedia

Royal British ladies have been glamorous fashion leaders for generations. From Tudor brides of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I ,lady Diana and the now the new Duchess of Cambridge the mixture of an unlimited budget, natural grace and of course a handsome prince love story/tragedy make historical style icons.

You can find many tributes to these princesses on YouTube, my favourite historical tribute is of Princess Mary of Treck.

The current obsession is the fabulous and stylish Kate Middleton, the latest icon to add a touch of country lady with current tailoring and feminine lines.  The blogs are alive with pictures and advice and I am loving all the British fashion promotion.  Great names like Katherine Hooker are getting the attention they deserve. This video attempts to create her look ,it has produces a couple of great pieces as it tries to convince the tweed loathing host to convert to the look.  I think the country makeover misses the mark, rather than trying to create a fresh style, once made over she looks a bit stereotype rather than princess country chic.  What do you think?

The highlight for me is how great she looked in the flat cap and the bang on tend boots. The British Princess country look thrives on current modern twists and styling.  Go for it but please don’t clone.


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